What is the business case for sustainability..? I would have been rich if I got a coin each time I received this question.. We should ask (too): what is the sustainability case of business.

To tackle our crises and achieve sustainability, we need to educate ourselves as professionals, beyond just traditional financial economics. We need to understand impact economics. In the Netherlands alone, we need tens of thousands of professionals who master this.

For that reason, I’m proud to announce a partnership with the Dutch Association of Register Controllers, VRC – Vereniging van Registercontrollers !

VRC focuses on continued education of and support for top experts in financial management.

Together, we aim to equip financial professionals with the necessary tools and knowlede to measure and value the impact of their organization.

The program will be an addition to VRCs professional education programs.

Visit our website to register for one of our training programmes:


Subscribe to our webinar in which we’ll tell more about the partnership, together with our partner and friends from Circl NL:


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