Watch here the vlog on True Prices

Next week Friday we are going to write history. The first supermarket in the world will enable consumers to see and pay the True Price. Historic, because the potential for tackling crises such as climate and poverty is enourmous. If every product has a True Price, markets can work in favor of – not against – sustainability.

As many of you know, I have spend ten years getting this system off the ground, with the most brilliant people on the planet. Why so long…? Because we didn’t want to just share an idea, write reports, give speeches.. We want to actually transform the economy forever. This required a meticulously detailed methodology with broad political and scientific support and hundreds of applications.

I can’t describe the excitement I feel. And also the nerves.. what if it won’t work. What if people don’t like it.. If you have any interest in sustainability, or are just curious what I was doing the past years.. I urge you to join. Subscribe to the event (for free) via It’s from 3-5pm CET. It’s online in English.

Below I post a video in the True Price Store which I call upon Dutch politicians to adopt true pricing, in Dutch – sorry. I will be posting more often about this the days ahead.

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